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 Jimmy Flitz Swiss Christmas
a Swiss tale and carols for the whole family
Christine Lauterburg | Tinu Heiniger | Steff la Cheffe | Nyna | Roland Zoss
50 singers and musicians present the cultural diversity of Switzerland
(foto & video gallery)


Folkrock • landler • soul • lied • jodel • rap • choirs

Illustration: René Rios


«Jimmy-Flitz» goes Bethlehem
the mouse from the cathedral follows a bright star. Together with a robot and a cat he crosses the alps, crosses the sea and a sandy deserts to find the Christmas child. After many adventures and encounters with foreign cultures a colored caravan of animals finally reaches the far away Bethlehem. And a mouse gives a little boy a little gift.

Some great swiss artists in episode 4
Christine Lauterburg combines jodel with techno • Tinu Heiniger paints landscapes in Swiss dialects • Steff la Cheffe mixes intelligent rap with pop • Julian Sartorius looking for the heartbeat of things. • Res Schmid & Gebr. Marti play avantgarde Swiss Ländler music • Roland Zoss combines world music and Swiss tradition.

Premiere Huttwil 1 dec. 2013

New and traditional Christmas carols
for harp, guitars, brass, percussion, drum, bass, accordeon, swiss organ.
Roland Zoss has composed this Christmas story from the perspective of the animals, such as the Swiss mouse Jimmy Flitz. In Bernese, one of the finest german dialects for emotions in Europe. With a holy respect and a fine sense of humor the children's songwriter brings a bouquet of modern Christmas carols to us. Christmas music for three generations from kids to grown-ups.

Concerts at Christmas time in Swiss churches

every year on four weekends before Christmas

Foto: Theo Iff


They sing and play the sound
of Switzerland today


Trix-le-Gix Robot Steff la Cheffe • Narrator Roland Zoss
JimmyFlitz Mouse Dajana Wetzel • Cat de Meuron Tinu Heiniger

Camel Christine Lauterburg • Fox Ariane Lauener
Capricorn Andreas Weissen • Maria Nyna Cantieni • Joseph Bruno Weingart

... .
Guitars: Marc Rossier • bass, mandocello: Wolfgang Zwiauer
contra bass: Markus Marti • celtic & classic harp: Christine Strahm
drums & perkussion: Julian Sartorius & Tinu Stadelmann • Swiss accordion,
clarinet, melodica, metallofon: Res Schmid & Brothers Marti


Trompet: Charly von Grünigen, Cornelia Rubin
horn: Roman Müller tuba: Christoph Sigrist • euphonium: Kuri Amacher

Jodel & Choirs

Group young jodlers «Wyssi Burg» (Martina Moor),
Womens jodel choir Schangnau (Conductor Peter Künzi) with
Bruno Weingart, Martin Thurnherr

© 2013 composition, lyrics, narration: R. Zoss



Jimmy Flitz episode 4 • CD & notebook

Childern's Christmas • Swiss dialect
Distribution Europe: SoundServiceHelbling

Ouvertüre: D Ängle uf de Fälder/Gloria • Frauenjodelchor
1. Am Himmel vo der Wält • Chor, tutti listen
2. Es schneielet, es beielet • Dajana Wetzel, Tinu Heiniger, Steff la Cheffe hören
3. Chömet alli • Christine Lauterburg, Kinderchor hören
4. E Chatz, e Muus, e Trix-le-Gix • Steff la Cheffe hören
5. Churz-Jodel • Trio Peter Künzi hören
6. Dihr Senne heit’s lustig • Kinderchor, Trio Künzi hören
7. Jungfrou Maria • Roland Zoss hören
8. Trix-Le-Gix • Steff la Cheffe • Musikmuster
9. Chlyni Matrose • Steff la Cheffe, R. Zoss • hören
10. Arms Kamel • Christine Lauterburg hören
11. Herodes • Roland Zoss hören

Intermezzo: angels music
12. Tierkarawane • Solo-Kinder hören
13. Hava nagila • Männer- & Frauenjodelchor hören
14. Fuchs • Ariane Lauener, hören
15. Halleluja • Nyna Cantieni, Chor hören
16. Schlaf Chindli schlaf • Dajana Wetzel hören
17. Le divin enfant • Tinu Heiniger hören
18. Eia-Beia Spieldose
19. Sunne i der Nacht (Maria's Lied) • Nyna Cantieni hören
20. Der Jesus isch gebore • Bruno Weingart hören
21. Hinger de Bärge • Christine Lauterburg, Chor • hören
22. D Wiehnachtszyt isch da • Chor, tutti hören
time: 73 Min

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Jimmy Fllitz' home on the cathedral tip in Berne, Xmas 2012

Jimmy Flitz songs & concert videos

among the most listened bands in Swiss popular music