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New: «Jimmy Flitz and the secret of trees» Jimmy Flitz on Swiss Television

Out of wanderlust, the Swiss tend to forget that they belong to an bold European mountain tribe, an old magical country inhabited by wild animals.
In the 6-part serie, a bunch of artists travel through Switzerland and their dialects on wings and paws. As friends of a small cheeky mouse looking for their roots. The eternally valid fable about friendship is set in the most beautiful landscapes of Switzerland.

Roland Zoss is known as a narrator and author and a composer of songs in various languages. In the «Jimmy Flitz« Saga he is building bridges between folk, rock, rap and traditional music. He inspires families to hike on ancient Swiss trails. As singer songwriter he cares about animals and trees. Furthermore he is a gentle lobbyist and master in dealing with Swiss cultures and dialects. The musician & author has won several awards in a long career.

suitable for children aged 5 and above

Swiss Mouse
Souris Suisse
Topolino Svizzero

«Your Jimmy Flitz CDs are full of charm and made with a lot of skill!!»

Arthur Cohn, film producer

The main characters

Jimmy Flitz | The Church Mouse
(Mus musculus cathedralis)

The cheeky Swiss mouse in the red and white striped sweater is after bacon, chocolate and cheese.

She loves adventures and has to be fast, because a mouse has many enemies. Especially when she leaves her home, the tip of the cathedral on the Bernese Münster to visit the world below.

Fernanda | The Tiger Fly
(Episyrphus balteatus)

Fernanda is born on a leaf of coltsfoot near the village of Putz in Prättigau. She uses to cross the Alps like migratory birds. She can taste with her feet and may hover in the air like a helicopter.

With her yellow striped body she frightens their enemies. Therefore, some call her Tiger Fly.

Wulwul | The Bearwolf
(Ursus arctos lupus)

He grew up in a bear cave in the canton of Appenzell and roams through the alps in search of a blue menhir. Because he needs fresh bear power.

Bears hike far. They like berries and honey. They run faster than a horse and see better than a human. Like the wolf the bear needs a lot of space. Both wolf and bear avoid any contact with men.

Culan | The Bearded Vulture
(Gypaetus barbatus)

He is a loner, born as an sole child high up in the alps. He colors his plumage with red sand and he flies hundreds of kilometers. In a vulture familiy daddy incubates the eggs.

The bearded vulture is the largest bird in the alpine region. He sees the world with a sharp look and feeds on bones, which he drops from large height on rock.

Leana | The Lynx
(Lynx lynx)

The lynx is mainly active at night. People rarely see him. When hunting sick deer and smaller animals, he goes large distances. Highways and railway lines disturb him.

Unlike other cat species, it has only a small stub and a «hair brush» on the ears.

Croc-Loc | The Locomotive
(Ce 6/8)

The «Crocodile» was a machine as strong as 2000 horses. It transported the heaviest goods over the Swiss Alps since 1920. And soon became in Europe a symbol of strength and longevity.

The tiny Swiss mouse brings the huge Swiss locomotive back on the rails for an adventurous contest.

A great journey starts in Guggisberg

The Bernese church mouse Jimmy Flitz finds three wild friends. She travels with tiger fly, bear and lynx to the dwarfs from Guggisberg to the mythological «Ärdmannlistein» and the lake of Zurich.

To the Holy Lake and over the Alps

Jimmy finds a piece of gold in the Holy Lake. In a balloon he flies with bear and vulture over the Alps from the canton of Graub√ľnden to the subtropical island of Brissago in the southern canton of Ticino.

Locomotive race & dragon flight to the Matterhorn

After the race through the Gotthard tunnel with the legendary «Crocodile locomotive» the mouse roams en enchanted forest and hikes on the famous «Cheese trail« into the canton of Valais.

A Trip to Bethlehem on Christmas

A caravan of animals moves over the snowy Alps and on across the Mediterranean sea to the Holy Land. The muskeeters mouse, cat and robot finally master the quest to sing their songs to baby Jesus and offer him the gifts they have brought with.

A journey back in time

The Large Hadron Collider supermachine in Geneva catapults Jimmy into the past. There he rides on Hannibal's war elephant Suru to the Helvetians. The sorceress of the celtic tribe sends him on a mission to the mythological «Tree of the Three Worlds».

A mouse in the federal house

Back in the future Jimmy Flitz defeats the «Coldfire Monster» living in the underground. Later as president of the party of the «Grey Mice» he demands equal rights for humans and animals in the Swiss parliament and on Radio Bear-o-Münster.