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The team of wild creatures

Corin Curschellas,
Marco Rima,
Steff la Cheffe,
Dajana Wetzel,
Roland Zoss,
Büne Huber, Lea Zoss
(see photo)
Steff la Cheffe,
Tinu Heiniger,
Saul de Angelis, Thomas Bär, Roberto Bargellini, Hanery Amman, Christine Lauterburg.
Peter v. Siebenthal, Helge v. Dyke

Jimmy Flitz the mouse (Mus musculus cathedralis)
Performed by Dajana Wetzel.
Like any mouse, the curious Swiss rodent in the red-and-white striped pullover is always on the hunt for food. He darts and scurries about, eager to avoid those who would do him harm. And the world is full of such enemies. As he discovers when he leaves his home in the Berne Cathedral to explore the big wild world.


Fernanda the flower fly (Episyrphus balteatus)
Performed by Corin Curschellas.
Born on a flower in the Prättigau Valley in the region of Switzerland called Grisons, Fernanada flies south across the Alps like a migratory bird. She has a keen sense of smell and can taste things with her feet. And she can hover in the air like a helicopter. With her black and yellow stripes, she looks like a tiny flying tiger, which scares off her enemies, who mistake her for a wasp. She is also called a “tiger fly”.


Wulwul the bear-wolf (Ursus arctos – Lupus)
Performed by Thomas Bär.
Wulwul originally comes from a bear’s den in Appenzell but he has spent many years far from home. He roams around Switzerland searching for the blue menhir, a standing stone, which he hopes will make him stronger. Bears wander far and wide and spend the winter in dens. They like eating berries and honey. They can outrun a horse and see better than a human. At night, when the wolf howls at the moon, the bear looks for a place to sleep. Bears and wolves need a great deal of living space. Both animals fear humans.

Culan the bearded vulture (Gypaetus barbatus)
Performed by Büne Huber.
Culan is a loner. An “only child” born high up in the remote cliffs. After learning to fly, he colours his feathers with red sand and flies for hundreds of kilometers. The male vulture tends to the eggs before they hatch. The bearded vulture is the biggest bird of its kind in the Alpine region. He observes the world with a keen eye and feeds mainly on shattered bones, which he drops on the slabs of rock from a great height.

Leana the lynx (Lynx lynx)
Performed by Lea Zoss
The lynx is active mainly at night and is therefore rarely seen by humans. On the hunt for sick deer and smaller creatures the lynx covers great distances. Highways make it difficult for the lynx to go wherever it wants. Unlike other members of the cat family, the lynx has a short tail and tufts of hair on the tips of its ears.


Kroki-Loki (Crocodile-locomotive - Ce 6/8)
Performed by Hanery Amman
With the strength of 200 horses, the “crocodile” locomotive pulled the heaviest loads through the Gotthard Tunnel for decades after 1920. It became a symbol of reliability, strength and longevity far beyond Switzerland’s borders. The little Swiss mouse brings the strongest Swiss locomotive back into action.


Marco Rima: wild boar, raven, dwarf chieftain, Ursa Major
Dajana Wetzel: white snake
Büne Huber: Braveheart the dwarf
Thomas Bär: radio announcer
Hanery Amman: Kroki-Loki Ce 6/8
Roberto Bargellini: Bubur the dragon
Christine Lauterburg: Verena of the Alps, pond loach
Lea Zoss: glacier flea
Saul de Angelis: Cockroach singer (La Cucaracha)
Steff la Cheffe: robot
Tinu Heiniger: a french cat
Roland Zoss: narrator, cave salamander, French knight, dwarf Müpf-Stüpf

Languages and dialects
Various Swiss-German dialects, High German, French, Italian, Balkan slang, Latino slang, Jodel, Rap

Links to Switzerland’s wild animals
KORA (predators of Switzerland)
Stiftung Pro Bartgeier (foundation for the protection of the bearded vulture) 

Images and Sound
Jimmy-Flitz-Maus: ©2009 & 2013 by Roland Zoss
illustrations by Viviane Dommann and René Rios
Graphic design: Silas Toball, Anton Zinkl
Sound engineer: Peter v. Siebenthal (recording, announcer), Helge van Dyk (song mixing)
Photography: Max Schmid (standing stone), Roland Zoss (group photo, band photo), The iff (cathedral).
Production: © 2007, story 1-3, concept and original songs by Roland Zoss
Production: @ 2013 story 4, concept and original songs by Roland Zoss


Musicians / Song titles
Swiss folk music: Res Schmid – Marti Brothers (Swiss accordion, accordion, bass, melodica, xylophone), guitar, keyboards
Vreneli vo Guggisbärg; Mon Papa; Schiffsrock; Rägebogenlied.; Gletscherfloh (Volkstümlich); Schwyzer-Flitzer (Swing); Kakerlake; Es Flöigeläbe and many more

Folk-Rock: Marc Rossier (Guitar), Wolfi Zwiauer (Bass. Mandocello), Fabian Kuratli & Juliand Sartorius & Tinu Stadelmann (Drums), Stefan W. Müller (E-Piano, Keyboards)

Bärwolfsong; Geierballade; Ir Stadt; Chäs-Lied; Gletscherfloh (Folk); Schwyzer-Flitzer (Folk); Kroki-Loki-Rock
Keyboard in «Räppeli-Räp»: Urs Wiesendanger
Background sounds: Stefan W. Müller

Jimmy-Flitz • songs can be heard at mx3
Free song downloads:
Popversion (Büne Huber und Roland Zoss)
«Ds Liechtli»
(Christine Lauterburg)

Contributed music (thank you very much!)
«Ds Liechtli», Pascal De Sapio,
«Aprite le porte», Kinderchor Gränichen, Leitung: Bernhard Spörri
«Vzbrannoi», Chor Aurore, Leitung: Sophie Largo,
«Mother», Amma,
«Flurin, Franz & Andrea», Ils Fränzlis da Tschlin,
«Winterziit», «Sidoqu», Hujässler,
«Selbviert», Zither Lorenz Mühlemann
«Bärner Marsch», Kavallerie Bereitermusik Bern,
«Piti-Rasanti», «La vie est dure», «Rico Royal», Tyrolis Musik,
und Res Schmid & Gebrüder Marti,
«Cantar montanes», Joe Weed, Gourd Music,
«Tannegi Hose» rap, Otto Blum-Marti, Hug Musikverlage 

Technical assistance, organisation and partners
Sound recording, ambient sounds:
Pascal de Sapio, Sam Maurer, Jean-Claude Roché, Bruno Benedetti & Paul Vasilescu, Stadttheater Bern; Hans Künzi SDS Ostermundigen, Roland Zoss, Peter von Siebenthal.

Research support:
Kurt Derungs (ethnology, geographic legends, Grenchen),
Dirk Dienel, Celtic and ancient peoples (book dealer, Berne),
Desertina-Verlag Chur, «Die Geschichte von Janaiverin»
Peter Blaser (locomotive engineer),
Diego Marti, SBB, Beat Moser (agricultural scientist)
KORA (predatory animals of Switzerland),
Stiftung Pro Bartgeier (foundation for the protection of the bearded vulture),
Via Storia,
WWF Schweiz,

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