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Jimmy Flitz - a mouse in the parliament house
part 6

The Swiss cultural radio-play with
Wulf Knackeboul • Robot Steff la Cheffe • Elephant Pedro Lenz
Mouse Dajana Wetzel • Bear Thomas Bär • Storyteller Roland Zoss • Hanery Amman
• Owl Andri Schenardi • Iguana Mario Capitanio • Chipmonk Christine Lauterburg
• Oak-tree Shem Thomas and more

Shem Thomas
, Steffe la Cheffe, Pedro Lenz

Andri Schenardi, Knackeboul, Dajana Wetzel as JimmyFlitz

Anna Murphy (Eluveitie), Roland Zoss, Christine Lauterburg

Julian Sartorius & Tinu Stadelmann, Wolfi Zwiauer, Jean-Pierre v. Dach
Res Schmid & Gebr Marti, Joe McHough, Nicolas Senn, Richard Köchli

Sound ingeneer: Peter v. Siebenthal, Mastering: Helge. v. Dyke
Recordings: Februar - Mai 2015




A Mouse travels into the past
and back to the future where mice & men are partners

Episode 6
«The parliament of the animals»
Music Radioplay
CD • spring 2016

The Coldfire monster is locked up for thousands of years. Now JimmyFlitz asks all the Alpine animals - the original inhabitants of Switzerland - to claim equal rights for animals and men.
Brother Bear and Brother Wolf go on air and send the message from the church tip to all animals. On Radio "Bear-o-Münster"
From the farthest corners of Switzerland on the "First National animals day" they come: by feet, on paws and wings into the capital. The march of the animals marks a turning point in the country's history. And JimmyFlitz the president of the "Gray mice" demands equal rights for all living beings on the planet earth. A time of peace between mice and men - and freedom for all domestic and wild animals.
Together with the squirrel Rataklatsch from the ancient World Tree and elephant Suru they celebrate a new age starting.






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