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A journey to ancient Helvetia with Jimmy Flitz
part 5

The Swiss cultural radio-play with
Wulf Knackeboul • Robot Steff la Cheffe • Elephant Pedro Lenz
Mouse Dajana Wetzel • Bear Thomas Bär • Storyteller Roland Zoss • Helvetian Hanery Amman
Celtic Druid Corin Curschellas • Owl Andri Schenardi • Iguana Mario Capitanio •
Squirrel Christine Lauterburg

Corin Curschellas, Shem Thomas
, Steffe la Cheffe, Pedro Lenz

Andri Schenardi, Knackeboul, Dajana Wetzel als JimmyFlitz

Anna Murphy (Eluveitie), Roland Zoss, Christine Lauterburg

Julian Sartorius & Tinu Stadelmann, Wolfi Zwiauer, Jean-Pierre v. Dach,
Anna Murphy,
Res Schmid & Gebr Marti, Joe McHough, Hujässler, Nicolas Senn

Sound ingeneer: Peter v. Siebenthal, Mastering: Helge. v. Dyke
Recordings: Februar - Mai 2015




A Mouse travels into the past
and into the time of helvetian celts 218 b.C.

Episode 5
«A Journey to Helvetia»
Music Radio-play
CD • fall 2015

Frightened by a mysterious owl the mouse from the cathedral tip descents from the tower, to go and make politics in the parliament of Berne. expelled by the people of the Parliament , the cheeky mouse flees to Robot Trix-le-Gix. The Robot takes JimmyFlitz mouse to the CERN research center in Geneva.
Here a stupid prank turns into a catastrophy. The lage hadron collider beams the mouse through time back to the year 218 BC. JimmyFlitz lands on Hannibal's war Elephant Suru. But instead of fighting against Rome - Suru brings the mouse to the celtic tribe of the Helvetians. The seer of the tribe has been waiting for the mouse and sends her on a dangerous mission through the wild forests.
JImmyFlitz and Suru have to find the World Tree and prevent the monster, gnawing at its root and threatening all life on the planet.
In the land between the white mountains, the mouse encounters bears, wolves and other creatures. In a traditional alpine wrestling arena the mouse wins thanks to a celtic potion. Then two friends: an elephant and a mouse wiz forward into the year 2016. In the time of cars and computer mice.


Song of the Earth • Ärdelied a druids song in Swiss
by Anna Murphy (Eluveitie pagan rock)

Ja für d Ärde singe mir
Mönsche, Steine, Böim u Tier

Mir singe mit em Fluss
mit de Seele us em See
mit de Rägetropf im Schuss
mit de Wällen uf em Meer

U mir singe: Füür und Gluet
tuen-is werme, tuen-is guet
u mir singe: Sunne chumm!
bring is Wermi mach is gsung!

Ja für d Ärde singe mir
Mönsche, Steine, Böim u Tier

U mir singen mit der Nacht
Stärneguld u Stärnemacht
u mir singe mit em Mond
wo im Huus vom Himmel wohnt

U mir singe mit de Tröim
mit de Bletter a de Böim
mit em Vogelschwarm im Wind
em nöigeborne Chind

Ja für d Ärde singe mir
Mönsche, Steine, Böim u Tier



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