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Chapter 12: Through the Gotthard Tunnel on a croco-locomotive (Ticino, Uri, Schwyz)
The bear-wolf and the mouse liberate a proud Ce 6/8 “Crocodile” locomotive from a railway siding at Bellinzona station. In a race against the bearded vulture and the fly they chug through the Gotthard Tunnel. Although no longer the fastest train on the track, the strong old engine wins the race and becomes a star at the Lucerne Transport Museum.
Songs: Kroki-Loki-Rock/Crocodile-rock (Hanery Amman), Winterzyt / Wintertime (Hujässler), instrumental

Chapter 13: Rescued from the Hard Rain (Lucerne, Nidwalden, Obwalden)
A tremendous storm causes Lake Lucerne to rise dramatically, which puts an end to a lively concert at the concert hall on the lake. In the forest of Obwalden a white horse rescues the four friends from the storm and brings them to the chapel of Brother Klaus. Here the bear-wolf has a “thunder-and-lightning” vision: Grandfather Bear of the Stars (Ursa Major) calls him to the Matterhorn and home to Canton Valais.
Songs: Piti-Rasanti (Res Schmid – Marti Brothers), instrumental; Vzbrannoi (Aurore Choir)

Chapter 14: On Via Sbrinz, the cheese pathway (Obwalden, Berne)
On the bank of the River Melchaa a strange fish called a pond loach tells Jimmy Flitz the story of the milk of the mountains. Jimmy serenades the fish with the Cheese Song, which he composed himself. As the day breaks the four friends cross the Bruenig Pass on the “Via Sbrinz”, the “cheese pathway” to the Bernese Highland. But they somehow end up on the wrong track.
Songs: Chäs-Lied /Cheese Song (Dajana Wetzel)


Chapter 15: The Dragon of Lake Thun (Berne)
Culan’s blunder brings about an encounter with Bubur, a good-natured dragon, the son of a wicked father. During the night high above Lake Thun, Bubur the dragon and Wulwul the bear-wolf discover that they are kindred spirits. Together they sing a tender song to Luna Moon!
Songs: Lila-Lula Drachenlied /Lila-Lula, Dragon’s Song (Roberto Bargellini & Thomas Bär)

Chapter 16: The white snake (Berne)
Four close friends journey via Interlaken to the valley of a thousand waterfalls. The white snake at Schmadribach Falls warns them about frozen sharks that thaw on the north face of Eiger Mountain. The snake invites them to see the animals and creatures gathering at the alpine summer outdoor festival.
Songs: Kakerlaken von Interlaken /Cockroaches of Interlaken (Saul de Angelis)


Chapter 17: The spell is broken on the Matterhorn (Valais)
Bubur the dragon flies to the Matterhorn with Wulwul and Jimmy Flitz on his back. On the mountain peak they form a pyramid high enough for Fernanda the fly to stand on Jimmy’s nose and reach up and touch the magic star in the sky over Valais: Mizar, the big star in the Big Bear (Big Dipper) constellation. Wulwul is then freed from being part wolf and his bad case of the hiccups is cured! Now he is a normal bear and he stays a normal bear for ever after.
Songs: Tuusig wyssi Flöckli / A Thousand White Flakes (instrumental), Vzbrannoi (Aurore Choir)

Chapter 18: The grand alpine summer festival (Valais, Berne)
On the Aletsch Glacier the glacier fleas ride around on snow-bikes. Bubur frees a frozen dragon maiden from the permanent ice and falls in love with her blues eyes.
Luna Moon hangs big and round over the Jungfrau mountain. It is the shortest night of the year and all the animals and fabled creatures dance to welcome the arrival of summer. They come from all over Switzerland to the Schmadribach waterfall: Hellscreamer and Rolliebuck, Darkfather and Xenagoogely; firefly, salamander and holy snakes. From incredibly beautiful to frightfully ugly! Luna Moon shines her loving light down on them all.
Jimmy Flitz at last meets Verena, the mother of the Alps. At the foot of the Jungfrau mountain he gives her back the gold coin she lost long ago, which he has carried on the dangerous journey through the valleys and over the mountains. Fernanda brings out her Swiss accordion and starts to play the Schwyzer Flitzer, a song about four wild friends on adventurous travels through a great little country.
Songs: Gletscherfloh /Glacier Flea (Lea Zoss); Rico Royal, instrumental (Res Schmid – Marti Brothers); Title Song: Schwyzer-Flitzer / Swiss Flit) Lea, Roland Zoss and Büne Huber)

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