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Chapter 7: By boat to the Black Madonna
a) On the wrong steamboat

On the run from the police, Fernanda the flower fly and her animal companions board the Lake Zurich steamboat, where they unexpectedly perform a rock concert on stage. The young police cadets on board the ship’s jubilee voyage cheer the musicians. But before the musicians can be recognized, they leap over board and swim to a fabled island.
Songs: Schiffs-Rock / Steamboat Rock (Corin Curschellas)

b) A raven shows the way to the Black Madonna
On the Island of Ufenau a mysterious raven shows them the way back to land. A black dog leads the friends across the Devil’s Bridge. Soon after, they encounter a procession from the Einsiedeln Monastery: and they come face to face with the Black Madonna.
Songs: Mother (Amma), Sidoqu (Hujässler) instrumental

Chapter 8: The Treasure of Sacred Lake (Glarus)
On the shores of Sacred Lake the three friends meet a new companion: a bearded vulture named Culan. Jimmy Flitz goes for a swim in the lake and regains his vision and sense of smell, which he had given away to his friends. To their great surprise and delight, while diving in the water they find the legendary gold treasure of a famous Russian general from the time of the Napoleonic Wars. This discovery causes the four friends to suffer from gold fever. Fortunately, the vulture knows how to rap. He sorts out their argument with a song about how to share five cents among four friends. Even so, they decide to go their separate ways for a while. Jimmy Flitz the mouse wants to return to city life, while Wulwul the bear wants to visit his old cave in Appenzell.
Songs: Geier-Ballade /Vulture Ballad (Büne Huber); Tannegi Hose • Räppeli Rap / Scruffy Old Jeans • Five Cent Rap (Büne Huber); Selbviert, zither music
Chapter 9: Reunion in Engadin (Grisons)
In an abandoned 12th century village the four travelers meet again. The bear and the fly come on foot from the bear’s cave. The vulture and the mouse fly in from Chur. With the help of a helicopter they are bringing a larch tree that has become sick in the city back home to Engadin. Fernanda learns to dance with the wind!
Songs: Wyss Wind / White Wind (Corin Corschellas)



Chapter 10: In the dwarfs’ cave with Janaiverin (Grisons)
Is Jimmy Flitz just dreaming or has he really met the legendary Janaiverin, the dwarf of Engadin? The dwarf with the eyes of juniper blue leads the grey-eared mouse to the cave, where golden stars are forged and hung on display in the night sky. Jimmy Flitz learns a terrible secret: why these dwarfs are so afraid of being seen by humans.
Songs: Flurin, Franz & Andrea (Ils Fränzlis da Tschlin), instrumental

Chapter 11: Over the Alps by balloon (Grisons, Ticino)
Summer is here! Our friends accidentally cross the Alps in a hot-air balloon, But on their way to Ticino it catches fire! They make an emergency landing on an island of flowers in Lake Maggiore, where the bear shows his talent as a fireman by peeing on the flames to put out the fire. Jimmy Flitz rescues Fernanda from the jaws of a crocodile. And at the end of a very long day the bear-wolf dines on an army of delicious ants.
Songs: I der Stadt / In The City (Dajana Wetze/Büne Huber), Aprite le porte/Open the doors (trad. from Ticino - ants choir Gränichen); Cantar Montanes (Joe Weed), instrumental

All songs from the three episodes and the concert video
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