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Jimmy Flitz Swiss mouse
Winner of the Golden Crown 2008, category Audio Play and Swiss stamp 2010
A wondrous audio play in 4 episodes with music
by some of Switzerland’s best-known
dialect performers
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As a result of their enthusiasm for travelling to other places, the Swiss tend to forget that they are members of a stubborn European mountain tribe who share an ancient magical land with all kinds of wild animals. This has been so ever since the days when humans and animals spoke the same language, under the watchful eyes of Father Sun and Mother Moon.

This is the starting point for our marvellous mountain saga. The curious Swiss mouse Jimmy Flitz from Muku-Tiki-Mu goes off in search of the mother of the Alps. As he and his friends criss-cross the country, they sing songs in a variety of styles, from Swiss rock to Swiss popular music

«Jimmy Flitz, a Journey Through Switzerland» is a light-hearted, humorous tale, imbued with a great spirit of humanity. The story unfolds in some of Switzerland’s most breathtakingly attractive locations. An artwork of sounds not only for kids!

Four Jimmy Flitz audio play CDs (Swiss german) and Jimmy Flitz in book / e-book (German). Listen to JimmyFlitz rocksong in english by Clare de Lune.

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The wild animals’ story
Swiss mouse Jimmy Flitz and Fernanda the flower fly head off to see the world. Jimmy has a cheeky tongue but his heart is in the right place. On meeting the nearly blind bear-wolf Wulwul, he gives him his sense of sight. And Leana, the sick lynx, receives his super keen nose.

On Sacred Lake he learns to look ahead thanks to the wisdom of Culan the vulture. And with fire-breathing dragon Bubur, he takes a look back at the bad old times of the dragons. Before long, this odd little group of travellers goes off in search of the mysterious mother of the Alps, known as Verena: from Guggisberg (pronounced “goo-geese-berg") to Lake Zurich; from Einsiedeln to Verena’s Garden and across the mountains of Engadin to subtropical Ticino. On an old crocodile-locomotive they venture through the Gotthard Tunnel.

The four travellers gather energy from ancient standing stones and take advice from a cave salamander and enchanted dwarfs. Eventually, they reach the Matterhorn, the magic mountain, where they touch the “star of stars”: the Big Bear (Ursa Major, which is also known as The Big Dipper). Shazzam! Bear-wolf Wulwul, who changes into a wolf on nights when the moon is full, is transformed back into a normal bear and gets rid of his hiccups!
And after a long journey by bear, truck, balloon and train, Jimmy Flitz finally meets Verena of the Alps. During the animals’ outdoor festival in the summer mountains he re-unites her with her long-lost piece of gold.

The Narrator
Once upon a time Roland Zoss studied Ethnology, Folk and Fairy Tales at the University of Berne. But in time he fell in love with music. Rather than create tales of other-world fantasy, the much-travelled songwriter and author links Swiss folk tales and legends to the present day, with a wry sense of humour,.
Roland Zoss ranks among the leading song-poets in the German-speaking world. The author and musician is the co-founder of contemporary Swiss children’s music and the creator of Xenegugeli and Jimmy-Flitz the mouse, one of Switzerland’s cutest and most charming ambassadors!

The actual heart and real treasure of this musical Alpine saga are the delightful songs and sounds as interpreted by the country’s most renowned masters of Swiss-German dialect music. A colourful Jimmy-Flitz booklet distributed by Swiss Internation Air Lines and Switzerland Tourism gives a deeper insight into the life of a mouse in Switzerland.
A “Swiss mouse” App and a story book will be published in English soon.

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Schwyzer-Flitzer pop, Büne Huber, Roland Zoss.
Ds Liechtli, Christine Lauterburg
«Jimmy-Flitz» puzzle book (4MB)

Songs on iTunes by Roland Zoss

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A grand journey to Guggisberg
Chapter 1: Flower fly & church mouse (Cantons: Grisons and Berne)

Fernanda the flower fly from the mountains sets out on her first outing of spring. She crosses the Swiss Alps and lands on the nose of Jimmy Flitz, a mouse who lives in a church spire. She tells her new friend the story of Verena’s Garden and Miller Johnny. On her Swiss accordion she plays him her song, the shortest song ever composed.
Songs: Es Floigeläbe / A Fly’s Life (Corin Curschellas), Ds Liechtli / The Little Light (Christine Lauterburg), Jimmy-Flitz-Rock (with kids).

Chapter 2: Journey to the Netherworld (Berne, Fribourg)
The mouse and the fly leave the church spire and venture into the city. They creep along the sidewalk to the Houses of Parliament and then board a Swiss postal coach for Guggisberg. There they make their way down into a deep, dark gorge where they hope to break the evil spell on poor Miller Johnny and thus allow him to stop carrying flour sacks back and forth forever. A bizarre cave salamander advises them against interfering in human affairs and shows them the way out of the netherworld and back to the light.
Songs: Ds Vreneli vo Guggisberg /Verena from Guggisberg (Christine Lauterburg with Res Schmid – Marti Brothers)

Chapter 3: Three Friends Become Four (Fribourg, Neuchatel, Solothurn, Aargau)
The two friends set off to find Sacred Lake. Deep in the forest they meet Wulwul, a half-blind bear. And on the highway they encounter Leana, a young lynx who has lost her sense of smell and can’t find her way. The mouse helps the bear to see again and the lynx to smell again. The four friends agree to stick together through thick and thin. They cross the dangerous highway to the part of Switzerland where French is spoken. Near Jura they come to the menhir, a mysterious blue standing stone that is a legendary source of strength.
Songs: Rägenbogenlied /Rainbow Song (Corin Curschellas)
Chapter 4: Mystery of the Blue Standing Stone (Neuchâtel, Solothurn, Aargau)
The bear gains strength from the standing stone. Jimmy-Flitz discovers a knight trapped inside a hollow linden tree. The bear, mouse and fly pass through a hole in the tree into another time and find themselves right in the middle of the Battle of Grandson (1476). Wulwul accidentally helps the soldiers of Berne to victory.
Fortunately, they are danced back to the present by Arie, the good fairy of Jura. But an arrow from the fierce battle against the French remains stuck in the bear’s rump.
Songs: Mon Papa ne veut pas /My Father Doesn’t Want Me To Dance The Polka (Corin Curschellas); Berner Marsch /Bernese March (Mounted Cavalry of Berne)
Chapter 5: Travelling with Pigs (Solothurn, Aargau)
Happily, the arrow is removed from the bear’s backside. Our friends stow away on a truck carrying pigs to Baden. Leana the lynx finds her mother on board the animal transport truck and sets her free. But now the police are searching for the friends, who are accused of being animal rustlers. They hide from the police among the little people who live underground beneath the Dwarfs’ Stones.
Music: Härzland / Heartland (Roland Zoss), Im Aargau sy zwöi Liebi / In Argovia live two lovers (instrumental)
Chapter 6: A Night at the Dwarfs' Stones (Aargau)
The dwarfs of Argovia use healing earth to help the poor bear. Laurin, the queen of the dwarfs, and a dwarf named Braveheart give the friends tips for their journey to the Black Madonna. And they tell them stories about days long ago when women came to the Dwarfs’ Stone to christen their babies. Under a full moon the poor bear discovers that he is also part wolf: a bear-wolf!
Songs: Bärwolflied /Bear-wolf Song (Thomas Bär)

All songs from the three episodes and the concert video
the most listened band in Swiss popular music